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In the upper right hand corner of many Facebook pages you will see the Photo Memories box that is constantly showing you past photos of your Facebook friends. Well that is a cool way for you to reminisce but what about those dreaded photos of your ex that keep popping up? Nobody wants to see that. Well after pleas and complaints from Facebook users, Facebook Photos Project Manager, Sam Odio, has stated on Inside Facebook that the Photo Memories box will no longer show photos of someone you have previously been in a relationship. The down side is that Facebook must first know that you were previously in a relationship, So, unless you had your relationship status set with your once boyfriend or girlfriend, there isn’t much that can be done.

Why would my Ex show up anyway?

Facebook uses as algorithm that determines whose photos are shown in Photo Memories. This algorithm relies on which friends you frequently interact with on Facebook and since users typically interact heavily with their boyfriends and girlfriends, the feature is lead to disproportionately show them. After users severed their relationship, both in real life and on Facebook, Photo Memories would still show users their former significant others, making it difficult for people to get over them or increase emotions. Of course, it would be great if we had more control over the Photo Memories box on Facebook to choose who’s photo memories we see but since most users don’t even manage their data or settings, this would probably just be a waste of Facebook’s time.

Since Facebook doesn’t want you feel sad, angry, or have any negative feelings while on the site, they have corrected the algorithm. Great work Facebook and thanks for listening to your users!

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Kimberly Castleberry
Kimberly Castleberry

Thats not nearly as creepy as the many months they went about suggesting that we hadn't recently connected/spoken/talked to individuals that had died. It was the huge negative backlash from that that led to the creation of "Memorial" accounts and a flagging system to keep those accounts out of the "you should reconnect with" list too. Some things are just too disturbing. .-= Kimberly Castleberry´s last blog ..Where To Start When There Are So Many Things to Learn- Do- Apply and Study =-.

Clifton Hatfield
Clifton Hatfield

Thanks Kim. You are very right about the suggested deceased users. Very sad. I actually wrote a very popular Facebook Application (110,000+ users) that allows Facebook users to memorialize lost loved ones on Facebook. Facebook Memorials. Due to recent changes in Facebook's App Platform, something functions have broken and I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and correct the issues just yet. Thanks again Kim!