Facebook Gallery for WordPress

Add your Facebook Page Gallery to your WordPress blog

My Facebook Gallery for WordPress plugin is the fastest way to create a photo gallery on your blog. Just install the plugin, add your Facebook Page web address, paste the plugin’s shortcode to any page or post on your blog. Each time you add or delete a photo from your Facebook Page gallery, it’s automatically removed from your blog’s gallery.

Download Facebook Gallery for WordPress

Example WordPress Shortcode

[facebook_gallery page="http://facebook.com/cliftonhatfield.page" album="Profile Pictures"]
[facebook_gallery page="http://facebook.com/cliftonhatfield.page" album="My life"]

Watch the Video Tutorial

Check out my Facebook Gallery below

[facebook_gallery page=”http://facebook.com/cliftonhatfield.page” album=”Profile Pictures”]
[facebook_gallery page=”http://facebook.com/cliftonhatfield.page” album=”My life”]

About Clifton Hatfield

Clifton is the kind of guy that can read code better than he can read a book and prefers it that way. He likes cold pizza, moving sidewalks, and Indiana Jones. Clifton co-founded Internet Lifestyle Network from his home office in 2012 and he believes that true leadership is to inspire.