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WordPress Version 3.0 Release Candidate

Source: WordPress 3.0 Release Candidate As Matt teased earlier, the first release candidate (RC1) for WordPress 3.0 is now available. What’s an RC? An RC comes after beta and before the final launch. It means we think we’ve got everything done: all features finished, all bugs squashed, and all potential issues addressed. But, then, with […]

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Search Engine Exposure : Part 2

Part Two – Web Directories There are many web site directories on the intnernet and some of them are just link farms that can really hurt your SEO if you put your link on one. But there some really great directories out there to improve your SEO and increase your Google Page Rank. DMOZ and […]

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It’s Coming! WordPress v3.0

So I log into my WordPress Dashboard this morning to my excitement I find that Automattic’s built in Spam Fight Ninja plugin called Akismet is requesting an update. Why? Because it’s WordPress version 3.0 compatible. What does that mean? That means…..Wordpress Version 3.0 will be releasing very soon (I am not expecting tomorrow). I have […]

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Search Engine Exposure : Part 1

If you have no traffic and you know it, let’s change it. I am putting together a list of 7 ways to build your search engine exposure using methods often over looked by bloggers or it may be because they don’t even know about these secrets. Let me share my knowledge with you in becoming […]

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Facebook to simplify privacy controls amid unrest

Source: Yahoo! News NEW YORK – Facebook is simplifying its privacy controls amid growing unrest from many of its users. Protesters have been organizing campaigns to quit Facebook and privacy groups have complained to regulators after Facebook announced new features last month, including “instant personalization” that tailors other websites to users’ Facebook profiles. “A lot […]

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A Message For Beginner Bloggers

If you were anything like me when I started blogging, I was very intimated about writing content and especially recording videos (remember that I have been a web developer for more than 6 years). The more content I wrote and the more videos I shot, the more comfortable I was with providing great value to […]

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Contrite Facebook CEO Promises New Privacy Controls

Source: Facebook Privacy Missed Marked says CEO Buffeted by privacy snafus and the lingering fallout from a damning, years-old instant messaging thread, Facebook chief exec Mark Zuckerberg switched into full-on damage control Monday, confessing that the sprawling social network had “missed the mark” when it comes to its complex privacy controls — and pledging to […]

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Be An Authentic Blogger In Internet Marketing

I woke up the other morning and had a feeling I just had to make a quick video letting my fellow bloggers know how important it is to be authentic. So I took quick stroll down my sidewalk and talked about why you need to not only deliver valuable content to your visitors but also […]

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SEO For Blog Images

SEO For Images

Using an image within your blog post can be a great way to add more of a visual aid or simulate your articles. Not only do images enhance a post visually but they can really help with your SEO (search engine optimization) to get your blog on the first page of Google. When uploading a […]

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Resize Post Box

Resizing your WordPress Post Box

If you have become frustrated with how small the post box is when typing a new post or page, I have a solution for you. Yes, you can resize the box manually by clicking the lower right hand corner of the box and dragging it downwards to a larger size, but it’s not permanent.  I […]

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