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Google Chrome Spell Checker

Google Chrome’s Spell Checker

Over the past several years, I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox as my browser of choice. A few months ago, I made a fulltime switch over to Chrome. (Sorry Internet Explorer, you are just a disappointment) Now, I’m not going to blab about why I left Firefox (Flash was constantly crashing the browser) or talk about […]

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Creating an Image with ImageMagick

Recently, I wanted to create an image that contained the post title and I wanted to create that on-the-fly when the post was saved. I used ImageMagick and some PHP.  Here is the code I wrote to create the image. This is before I implemented it into WordPress. You will need ImageMagick installed. You can check if […]

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If You’re Blogging to Sell Products Then You Will Fail, I Promise

Internet Lifestyle Network – I promise you will fail if you are trying to sell your products or service on your blog. Why are some blogs highly profitable and others crash and burn? The successful blogs sell without selling through relationship building.

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Amazon S3 CDN URL Mask

Each Amazon S3 Bucket has a long url that can be difficult to remember . Here is how I used the Amazon S3 account as a CDN to distribute my plugins. First, login into your hosting account’s cPanel and click on Simple DNS Zone Editor.

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Video Resize PHP function WordPress

Resize Video Function ‘on the fly’ with PHP

I just wrote this function to resize video elements for my WordPress Lightbox Plugin. This specific script is designed to be used with an ajax call within the WordPress Dashboard. Edit to fit your needs.

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WordPress Shortcodes

Add Shortcodes to Text Widgets

Are you thinking of using a plugin that uses shortcodes? (Shortcodes are tags in square brackets like [bubbles id="10"] that some plugins use to embed content into posts and pages.) But what if you want to be able to use a shortcode in your blog’s sidebar instead of your post or page?

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Clifton's Lightbox for WordPress

Clifton’s Lightbox added to WordPress Directory

After a few years of distributing Clifton’s Lightbox Plugin via email, I decided to reach the masses and upload my plugin to the WordPress Plugin Directory. Also, I decided to drop the “Plugin” at the end of the name as it seems redundant having Clifton’s Lightbox Plugin within a Plugin Directory.

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PHP Redirect

Quick PHP Permanent Redirect

There are many different ways to redirect a visitor from one URL to another. I prefer the PHP redirect. Let’s say for example you are an affiliate for a new online store and they have given you a unique affiliate link to post on your blog to track the referrals you generate. Most of the time, this link it pretty ugly. You may want to have a URL that looks more professional or perhaps easier for someone to type or remember. You can redirect visitors from the pretty URL to the actual affiliate link instantly and still receive credit for the referral.

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jQuery Toggle / Accordion Markup

This script demonstrates a simple toggle list HTML/CSS/Javascript to create a horizontal accordion effect. This can be handy for sidebar/widget style navigation, frequently asked questions, etc. Of course, load the jQuery library before calling jQuery(function($){});

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WordPress Custom Menus

Register New Menus in WordPress

Register multiple custom navigation menus in the new custom menu editor of WordPress 3.0. This allows for the creation of custom menus. Users will no longer need any plugins to manage or customize their navigation menus. However, not all themes are created equal. Many outdated menus don’t support custom menus. If you are married to your theme and it doesn’t support custom WordPress menus, then you can add them yourself. Here is how to add custom menus to your WordPress blog.

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