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People believe Facebook

How many times have you been chatting with a friend or relative and they were talking about that great new restaurant in town that you just have to try. Or maybe your buddies telling you back that hilarious comedy they saw last night that you have to see? This happens every single day for hundreds of thousands of people and because of this era of social media and networks, it’s now happening online on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Traditional Advertisement Is Dead. Word Of Mouth Is King

People don’t believe ads anymore like they used to. It’s true. They just don’t. Word of mouth has always been he king of advertisement but it was a slow process that depended on the idea that people would recommend your product or service to their friends and family. Things have changed my friend and that ‘slow’ process when can zip around the globe as fast as the internet can take it (which is pretty fast). People share their reviews on YouTube about their favorite wines, post updates on Facebook about their favorite restaurant, tweet interesting blog posts, and it all happens instantly for millions of people, that’s right. Instantly to millions.

So why is traditional advertisement dead? When did you last pick up a phonebook, newspaper, magazine or read a billboard and decided to buy that product or subscribe to that service despite your friend on Facebook’s bad review? I know I sure haven’t. Now that we are all so connected through social media, we are influenced by word of mouth much easier than that advertisement we say on our way to work yesterday.

Facebook LikeI Like Facebook

Before you were a Fan, now you just Like. What is that all about? I explain “What it means to Like a page?” on Facebook in my post Become a Fan on Facebook – Nevermore. Why is this such a good thing? Because people love to Like! After Liking a product, service, website, article, etc. it appears in your News Feed, your friends’ News Feed and permanently on your profile (until you manually remove it of course). You are basically recommending that page to your friends. So I think you see the powerhouse behind having a popular Facebook Page for your business, hobby, or anything you want.  Do you have a Facebook Page? Have a favorite Page to share? Promote it in my comments. Visit my Facebook Page.

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Scott Nachatilo
Scott Nachatilo

Excellent Article. I definitely agree that people just don't believe adds like they used to. Thanks for the inspiration.

Clifton Hatfield
Clifton Hatfield

Thanks Scott. The world of the internet advertising has changed drastically over the last decade. That is for sure!


You're right on with this post. I don't think most people realize yet how powerful this Like feature is going to be. I can't wait to incorporate the Like button on my site.

Clifton Hatfield
Clifton Hatfield

Paul, I agree. It's different from 'Become a fan' on Facebook but it is a great replacement that they put a lot of thought into. Making the web more informative of your preferences is not a bad thing. .-= Clifton Hatfield´s last blog ..People believe Facebook =-.


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