The Emotionally Unsubscribed

As an internet marketer, it is absolutely essential to have an autoresponder as a tool to build your email list, generate leads, and grow your home business. The latest figures from the Direct Marketing Association show the average unique open rates and click rates for house lists at around 22% and 8%. Those are amazingly high numbers considering the time everyone spends each day processing legitimate emails and spam. The more I thought about it, I wondered what variables influence those numbers and then I found a short article about ‘the emotionally unsubscribed’.

Emotion SadWho are the emotionally unsubscribed?

The emotionally unsubscribed are those people who don’t unsubscribe to your email list, but who don’t open or click on the email either. Overall, you can expect about 60% of your subscribers to be inactive during a 6 month period.

As such, you need a strategy to engage your email subscribers. Not only by just giving them something to read or a video to watch, but by getting the content you deliver just right. Successful email marketing needs to have a balance between selling, informing, and entertaining in order to keep your subscribers engaged in your content.

Learn how to make your emails more engaging.

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