Woo Canvas Hook After Post Meta

I’ve made woo_post_meta() into a hook and create a woo_post_meta_after function to inject after the post meta in the Woo Canvas theme. Copy and paste into your functions.php file.

function woo_post_meta(){do_action('woo_post_meta');}

add_action('woo_post_meta', 'woo_post_meta_under');
function woo_post_meta_under() {
if ( is_page() ) { return; }
$post_info = '<span class="small">' . __( 'By', 'woothemes' ) . '</span>  <span class="small">' . _x( 'on', 'post datetime', 'woothemes' ) . '</span> November 4, 2012  <span class="small">' . __( 'in', 'woothemes' ) . '</span> Canvas, PHP, Themes  ' . ' ';
$meta = apply_filters( 'woo_filter_post_meta', $post_info );
$content .= '<div class="post-meta">'.$meta.'</div>' . "n";
$content .= 'HTML OR WHATEVER';
echo $content;

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